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New Mainsail and Mast Sea Trials Begin ...

Following the supportive vote of the members in the on-line AGM Ovington Boats and the MSCA have now started sea trials of a revised mainsail and mast.

The objectives of the mainsail project are to produce a sail with a more modern appearance that works with the existing mast and supports the same sailor weight range as the existing sail. The objectives of the mast project are to produce a mast with similar characteristics to the existing mast that would work with both the new, if adopted, sail and the existing one. The mast and sail projects are not dependent on each other.

It is anticipated that the test cycle will be more than 12 months. This means that if the test is successful then the earliest member vote on adoption would be at the end of 2019; meaning the earliest the new equipment would become available would be spring 2020.

The testing is being led by Chris Turner, Ovington Boats MD and Technical Committee member Andy Tarboton who as a professional sailmaker and worlds podium placer is perfectly positioned to evaluate the equipment and work with Ovington Boats to refine, develop and evaluate the merits, or not, of  possible new equipment.

The future adoption of any new equipment by the class will be subject to a member vote via the on-line AGM.

UPDATE ON THE MAST HERE (12/11/2018) >>>

Photo by Peter Mackin

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