Musto Skiff

ACO 9th MUSTO Skiff World Championship 2018

Equipment Inspection Report

Report by Technical Committee


At the end of each World Championship the International Class Association receives a report from the event Measurer.

We should all be proud that all of the officials, jurors and measurers have been extremely complementary about the attitude and conduct of the class sailors and managers:

Overall the class is a great group of easy going competitors with very few issues.”

However, there have been a few small issues that have commonly occurred at each championship.  Please remember that the onus is on you, the sailor, to ensure that your equipment meets the Class Rules.  We therefore thought that it would be helpful to alert everyone so that they can be avoided in future:

  1. Only items of equipment presented during equipment inspection may be used.  The Class Rules specify which items you need to present and how many you may use during the event, for example 1 x daggerboard and 2 x mainsails.  If you do not present an item for pre-event inspection you cannot use it during the event.  This applies even if you only presented one sail for event limitation instead of two.
  2. You may only substitute equipment that has been approved for use at that event if it has been lost or damaged beyond repair due to circumstances beyond your control.  Any repairs or replacements must be prior notified to the Technical Committee (or Race Committee if no Technical Committee at that event) for approval to use at the first reasonable opportunity.

  3. A sail or other item of equipment that does not comply with the Class Rules (e.g. wrong sail numbers or numbers that are not spaced 60mm apart) will not be permitted for use.

  4. Filling/fairing in of the bolt heads under the stern that attach the rudder gudgeon/plate to the hull is not allowed.

  5. A number of boats had open ends on their spinnaker poles or tillers.  These must be capped.  If you hit someone or yourself this can cause major injuries.  This is very important for safety reasons.

  6. Arguing that something that does not comply with the Class Rules  was allowed at a previous event or by a previous official (e.g. spacing of sail numbers) and therefore should be accepted.  This will not change the ruling.  If it is not compliant, change it because it will not be allowed. 

  7. The Class Rules specify a required standard for personal flotation devices and if worn, helmets.  Even though optional, please ensure that if you do wear a helmet whilst sailing that it complies with the required standard.  This is for your safety and protection.

I hope that everyone finds this useful.  Thanks to everyone for their help and good racing.

Best wishes

Technical Committee












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