Musto Skiff

ACO 9th MUSTO Skiff World Championship 2018

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron (Melbourne, Australia)

Sailing Instructions

SIs are available via this link >>>

Notice of Race

NoR is available via this link >>>

Equipment Regulations

ER are available via this link >>>

Entry Fees

Early entry price AUS$425 before 27/11/17

Enter via this link >>>




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Accommodation and Travel

Ian Martin is helping out with arranging accomodation so email Ian for assistance.


Presentation from the Palma Worlds

The accommodation costs are actually very resonable if you fill a house up; typical example is:

Total $3,768 Arrive FRI JAN 5, 2018 Depart WED JAN 17, 2018

So that is 8 people for 13 nights; so that works out at $36/night/head or £21 or €23

Flights from London can be had from £600 upwards; typical price seems to be in the region of £800 for a mid range carrier and of course you can fly business and first if you fancy it ...


The NoR will require 10,000,000 ADS cover which is a lot more than European companies typically offer.

For UK sialors who insure with Nobel Marine we have had the below input:

At present conversion rates 10,000,000 ADS is equivalent to £6,000,000. As long as the pound does not fall drastically 10,000,00 ADS will be no problem.

The cost of the enhanced cover for Australia from the 2nd January 2018 to 16th January 2018 will £50 plus IPT with an increased excess of £250.


Containers and Charter Boats

Paul Manning helping out with arranging containers so email Paul to book your container spot.

Paul is currently getting quotes so we can't give a firm price but from previous championships we'd estimate the fee to be about £750 (plus carnet) based on 14 boats which fills a 40ft high cube container and slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Once the first container is full we will start filling the second and perhaps a third. One container may be loaded from a location in mainland Europe depending on demand.

We will put people in slots as they advise. A slot will only be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit of 50%.

Once someone has paid a deposit they will move ahead in the queue of someone who has registered but not paid. Please book early to ensure you have a space.

A very limited number of charters boats may be available to sailors from countries from where a container in not viable such as RUS, USA & RSA.

Brett Morris and Matt Houvangell from AUS are ready to ensure the smooth receipt and passage through customes.

Container Bookings are below: email Paul to book your container spot.

Charter boats If you are not planning on sailing at the Worlds, please can you drop Paul Manning a line if you would be interested in chartering your boat. We are getting an increasing number of sailors from Europe who are keen to sail and would like to tie up as many teams as possible. Also, if you want to charter a boat ... Email Paul >>>

Order of Payment

1 David Rickard (GBR) -PAID
2 Tom Conway (GBR) -PAID
3 Alex Knight (GBR) -PAID
4 Jon Bailey (GBR) -PAID

Terry Pressdee (GBR) -PAID


Steve Robson (GBR) -PAID

7 Dave Poston (GBR) -PAID
8 Stuart Keegan (GBR) -PAID
9 Andy Rice (GBR) -PAID
10 David Anann (GBR) -PAID
11 Ron Barnes (GBR) -PAID
12 Richard Smith (GBR) -PAID
13 George Hand (GBR) -PAID
14 John Mcafee (GBR) -PAID
15 Paul Dijkstra (NED) - PAID
16 Tim Chapman (GBR) - PAID
17 Andy Peake (GBR) - PAID
18 Iain Morton (GBR) - PAID
19 Alex Greil (SUI) - PAID
20 Gilbert Brietzke (GER) - PAID
21 Jack Grogan (GBR) - PAID
22 Huud Ouwehand (NED) - PAID
23 Jamie Hilton (GBR) - PAID
24 Demo boat ....



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