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FRA EuroCup Leg

Venue : Lac du Der

Date: 26-28 March

The French open skiff event 2016 is on tracks!

We would be so happy to have an international fleet of MUSTO Skiff sailors right there at Lac du Der as every year!

It hasn't changed: it's still a great resting place for families and as enjoyable than previous years for sailors. The event is now a big one with not less than 74 skiffs last year attending on one start line.

Coaching have always been part of the concept between thursday and saturday morning, and several GBR MUSTO Skiff performers have often been part of the coaching team. Guess it will be the case this year...

Central location for all the European skiff sailors wanting to have true international skiff racing and the real good atmosphere it create.

So, let's talk about planing the thing:

Place: Station Nautique, 51290 GIFFAUMONT,4 ... !2e0?hl=fr

Accomodation/Food: You can rent an house or a flat by yourself, you can come with your campvan or your tent, but the easier is to use the all inclusive option offered by the club.

Informations and inscription and booking:

You certainly already want to preregister. Don't waste time: go on the website, get some infos, have a look at the NOR, and print the booking sheet!

Let's come to Lac du Der, let's experience the French skiff event!

10 reasons to come to the French Open Skiff event at Lac du Der

1. 2 days coaching and 3 days racing
2. 30 boat fleet in 2013 (including RS700’s) – 80+ boats overall.
3. Great early season training
4. Large open expanse of water with easy launching
5. Accommodation and meals all on site
6. No days holiday required from work
7. Easy 4hr drive from Tunnel
8. Friendly environment, relaxed atmosphere
9. Fun socials with a Trans-European vibe
10. Great cycling round the lake after sailing

“Coaching, great competition, various wind conditions, international event, good social. We definitively want you at Lac du Der next year to share with us this outstanding event in Europe!”

Contact the event team ...

Club recommended accommodation -

Contact here >>>


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