B14 Euros France - 23.08.2012

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B14 Euros France - 23.08.2012

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Evening Folks

Thougt I'd place a note on the Musto forum. As some of you will know, Dan damaged his back again in the last race of the Musto Nats and is now unable to do the euros as his back is taking time to recover. My other prefered options are all at the Merlins over the same period.

Therefore I thought I'd see who might be available to front 788 (Seavolution) at the Europeans in France 23 - 27.08.2012. We'd travel out Tuesday night and return the following Tuesday. Boat is entered and ferry/accommodation on hold. Ideally looking for someone able to compliment the package as 1 of 3 in the hunt. Crew weight ideally 76 kg or less.

Either call 07775 421 935 or barnsieb14768(at)tiscali.co.uk

Bye for now


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