Traveller / Mainsheet strop

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Traveller / Mainsheet strop

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Can this have loop around block base to hold the block on the centre line, (as RS600)? Rule c.6.1.1 appears to say not because the rigging and arrangement change. Please can this be clarified?

C.6.1.1 The boat, spars, sails, hull appendages, racks, spinnaker sock, mast step,
spreaders, control lines, attachment points and means, blocks, mainsheet,
halyards, trapeze, traveller, vang, cunningham, traveller end retainers, traveller
block, gooseneck, vang lever, vang arms, rudder gantry, and rigging shall be
rigged, arranged and have the purchases as Originally Supplied and as shown
in the Rigging Manual save as otherwise allowed to be changed by these class

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Re: Traveller / Mainsheet strop

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I think you are right. You cannot tie the main sheet block to the center of the traveller because that is not the rigging arrangement shown in the rigging handbook. I think this was recently tested at one of this year's open meetings, the sailor in question rang the Class Measurer who confirmed that interpretation.
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