How to post a picture ...

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How to post a picture ...

Post by Rick »

Pictures can not be uploaded to the forum ... if you want a picture to appear in your posting then you need to provide a link to that picture.

So ... the picture must be on the internet somwhere and all you need to do in your post is to provide a link to that picture.

A link would look like this ... ... /start.jpg

If there is an image on the web but you dont know the link just right click on the image and then select properties. Then cut 'n' paste the link.

Note: It will usually end with .jpg or .gif

Then to make the image embed in the surround the image with the tags you get when you click the Img button above.


If I combine the above link with the [img]...[/img] tags I get the below ...


Hope that helps.


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