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World Sailing - regulation 38 incident reporting

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 5:28 pm
by paul manning
Please see the following from World Sailing.

I have asked whether we continue to report to our MNA's as well as World Sailing or just to World Sailing. I will report back when I hear.

New Regulation 38 – Mandatory Reporting of Safety Incidents

World Sailing Council approved, during the recent 2018 Mid-Year meeting in London, the addition of Regulation 38. This new regulation requests that MNAs, Classes and Rating Systems report any safety related incident within 30 days of becoming aware of such incident, when it occurs at an event using the RRS within your jurisdiction.

The definition of an incident for this purpose is “an unexpected event resulting in death or injury to a person or an unexpected event that, in the opinion of the bodies listed in Regulation 38.1, is hazardous in nature and has the potential to harm a person or property.”

The mandatory reporting is in effect immediately and the bodies listed in the new regulation should cascade the information amongst their organizations in order to create a safety reporting and awareness culture within their structure.

Click here to see the incident reporting portal.

This is the last step of the process initiated in the 2017 Annual Conference which aims to share best practice amongst Classes, Rating Systems and MNAs, as well as feeding the industry accurate information for the development of standards, future products and designs.

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Re: World Sailing - regulation 38 incident reporting

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:39 am
by Robtaylor
Hi all,
the text of Regulation 38 is copied below:

38.1 Member National Authorities, World Sailing Classes and Rating Systems shall report within 30 days to World Sailing any incident of which they are aware and which:
(a) occurs at an event using the RRS;
(b) which falls within their jurisdiction; and
(c) falls within the scope of the Incident Reporting System established by the Board from time to time.
38.2 The bodies listed in Regulation 38.1 shall give all reasonable assistance to World Sailing if it conducts an investigation into an incident.

There a a few flaws with this as written; however what WS are trying to obtain is a report on any incident and they would rather have duplicate reports they can sift through to determine what happened than none at all (although interestingly the regulation makes it mandatory to report, without any details of what would happen if you don't!).

With this in mind, I would recommend the Class always report any incident that happens at a class event directly to WS. If the MNA also reports then so be it. If there is any further guidance for Classes from the RYA once this process has settled down, I will advise in due course.


Re: World Sailing - regulation 38 incident reporting

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 10:39 am
by paul manning
Thanks Rob :!: