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Ferry costs sprinter van

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:19 pm
by chriswrightlaser
Hi all,
Its a bit too soon yet as still got commitments at home with the care for Tricias dad now as mom passed away with dementia after looking after her for two years, but I have gone and done it after waiting years of wanting a sprinter, just got a sprinter van LWB, stop /start blue efficency air con that does 40+ mpg, thats better than the 4x4 at towing ,the musto fits inside so no trailer for going to opens now (-: could even go on the roof.
Looking at the forum's , if I convert it to a camper van they make you pay lots more on the ferry to cross the channel, thats camper crossing rates, OR if you have less than 3 m3 of personal possessions on board and keep it looking like a crew cab you can go on as cheap commercial rates at a 3rd of the price?, the forums says no one takes much notice on the day and no one ever looks inside.
When I priced up going to palma on the ferry with a trailer a few years ago, the trailer made it three times the price of a normal car, I can not come this year, well I can but leaving Tricia alone with her dad is not on the cards, do not want to live in the sprinter full time )-: she wanted the wv 4 motion so not many browie points.
If you are looking at ferry crossing prices any time could you check how much a 2.5m high 6m long sprinter would be without a trailer , or if you go abroad alot any advice on ferry options going on commercial rates? It sounds like the normal game of silly rules on ferry crossing.
Also they say on the forums that vans in England are not liked on campsites unless they look like the fully converted campervans but in france they are fine and no problems, just thinking of going around the musto euro circuit in a few years time so will end up by sailing clubs.
Also the musto opens events look ok to park the van but the 4x4 version of the sprinter was £24000 with a lot less MPG but good if going on the grass by the sailing clubs. Went to hayling towing the trailer the other day and stopped for a meal, the chap in charge of parking was not happy with my 10 meter long (4x4 car and trailer) and said move on or get a ticket)-: was the last straw so gone
sprinter now, dark metallic maroon red as the wife hates white vans? Took ages to find that colour.

Re: Ferry costs sprinter van

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:03 pm
by paul manning
Just e-mail Jesus on the form address and he can advise cost.

Bu from the form a car and a trailer are the same price each.

Re: Ferry costs sprinter van

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:47 pm
by justo
Hi chris,
Now Jesus is in xmas holidays, he will be back on January 9th. Actually you can contact with Esther,
Ferry takes 8 hrs from Barcelona to Palma, the ferry departure is at 23,00 pm and you arrive Palma 7,00 am. Only take 15 min arrive to arenal from ferry station. If you take ferry May 26th you have enough time to rig the boat and be ready to sail the training regatta and sleep all night in a cabin the night before.
To go back to Barcelona there is a ferry at 23,00 pm June 3th, so you have time enough to be in the prize giving, pack the boat and have a nice dinner in Palma before the departure.
Car and trolley have the same cost each, like Paul says.
If you fill the form they will give you a budget.

Re: Ferry costs sprinter van

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:57 pm
by chriswrightlaser
Thank you for the advice, we use Jesus in tenerife for good discount jet skiing and other thinks like quad biking and tour's , got some great deals in the past, my father in law has to go in hospital in the next four months so not going book in advance this year but try to find out how far to go with a convertion as they sting big campervans on the ferry

You put the front of the trolly on a skateboard then boat trolley wheels on 90mm x 90mm wood post 30cm long.and pick the back end of the boat up by yourself about 50kg and push it into the back of the van or make a ramp up somehow, worked a treat? The front of the boat requires a black velcro cover over the boat to seal the heat out of the cab from the rear of the vehicle, so the air con conditioning can work in the cab without the cold air going into the rear of the vehicle, just did 135 miles on 18litre of fuel on a roads, computer says 35mpg, which matched the actual consumption. computer was showing 40 mpg on motorway but not sure of wind direction, was no wind day and fog. Very happy as doing the same mpg as my vauxhall vivaro swb did, must be the blue efficiency improvement done by mercedes?
Heater camper convertion for cold days. ... r-install/