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Class Sponsor:

The title sponsor of the class is MUSTO Limited. The class has enjoyed continuous sponsorship from MUSTO since 2000. The class has also benefited from sponsorship from other companies over the years and the class is always mindful not to engage with any sponsor that conflicts with MUSTO Limited. It goes without saying that no events should have clothing printed with the MUSTO Skiff logo on anything that isn't a MUSTO product. If in doubt please read the Guidelines for event sponsorship

Class Builder:

The class has a sole builder who are Ovington Boats Limited. Ovington Boats have a license agreement with MUSTO to use the MUSTO branding on the Ovington Boats product. Ovington Boats has a global agreement with MUSTO to use their logo on the sail and deck. Ovington Boats are also a sponsor of international class association.

Class Designer:

The class was designed by Dr Joachim Happrecht. Dr Joachim Happrecht owns the intellectual property of the design and has granted Ovington Boats the rights to build and distribute his design world wide. Dr Joachim Happrecht receives a royalty on each boat shipped from Ovington Boats.

Class History >>>

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Class Brochure

Rigging Guide (this is a 2.6M file with a 90 step rigging process, one photo per step)

Rope Cutting List

CE Owners Manual

New boat finance  Ovington Boats have arranged a finance package with Pegasus Marine Finance for those looking to buy a new boat and spread the cost over a period of months. The link provides you with the option to have the flexibility of entering both the amount to borrow and the period of borrowing to tailor your needs.Click here for details. If you require further information, please contact the sales team at Ovington Boats to discuss.

Boat Data

Beam with racks
Bare Hull weight:

All up weight:
Draft **

Sail Area

Latest PN:




11.08sq m
15.50sq m

847 (RYA Suggested) 


** Draft without sailor

MUSTO Skiff Class Age Categories (for 20YY)

Given the wide range of sailor ages in the class runs competitions within each event,

Youth: Under 25. on 31/12/20YY

Master: 45 or over on 1/1/20YY

Grand Master: 55 or over on 1/1/20YY

Legend: 60 or over on 1/1/20YY

Note: a sailor only competes in their highest age category. So even if a GM beats an M overall they do not win the M category ... so, GMs are not listed as Ms and Ls are not listed as GMs or Ms.


Sailor Weight Data

Sailor Age Data

Deck Layout

The MUSTO Skiff has been designed and developed with the following brief in mind to produce an elegant yet simple dinghy with blistering performance that is highly enjoyable to sail. Just ask any MUSTO Skiff owner and they will confirm that the design brief has been achieved.

As with any true skiff the deck layout is extremely simple leaving the sailor free to focus on sailing the boat. The superb Harken deck gear combined with the layout means that all the controls work effortlessly; don't get tangled up with complexed systems, just focus on sailing the boat.

The spinnaker hoist and recovery system allows the sailor to hoist and drop in seconds due to the low friction blocks and wide chute mouth. In addition the system is not prone to jamming or ropes twisting up which could lead to problems in extreme situations.

The MUSTO Skiff has evolved and been tested using the considerable experience of the development team. From the concept in 1999 by German designer Dr. Joachim Harpprecht, a lifetime single-handed trapeze dinghy sailor, through Ovington Boats production prototypes to Dave Ovington and Ovington Boats work to finalise the production and manufacture. The previous successes of these world premier boat-building companies guarantee the quality of the MUSTO Skiff.

With the backing of MUSTO Ltd and with strong class rules protecting the one design principle we are enjoying strong and exciting fleet racing worldwide.

The MUSTO Skiff was presented at the World Sailing single-handed trials in March 2000 for consideration for future Olympic Class. The result of the evaluation event was clear and very satisfying to everyone who was involved in the project. Evaluation sailors invited to the event by the World Sailing had no problems in sailing the MUSTO Skiff and the smiles showed their enjoyment of sailing this boat.

In every race staged by the evaluation panel the MUSTO Skiff was the first mono hull, and in the last race sailed over a windward leeward course, the two MUSTO Skiffs were first and second by a considerable margin. This clearly showed the performance of the MUSTO Skiff. Recent major handicap/multi-class events have confirmed the MUSTO Skiff to be the fastest boat of its type.

Ovington Boats and MUSTO Ltd have now established an exciting new class, with up to 7 Nations currently to be seen competing at European events. The boat clocks speeds of over twenty knots and the hull with all deck fittings weighs only 55kg for a length of 4.55m. (Bare hull weight 40kg).

Harken Fit-Out Details Of course you know that the MUSTO Skiff comes with a standard Harken fit-out.But - just incase you want new bits here are links to the Harken site so you get the part numbers correct. More >>>


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MUSTO Skiff Product Evolution Over the years a number of minor changes have been made to the standard MUSTO Skiff to address minor niggles that have been noted by the owners over the years. Fortunatly the class and the builder have always worked well together and these problems have been addressed in standard boat gradually improving the product for everyone as time goes by ... More details >>>


Maintenance Tips

Insurance details >>>

Mast breakage & Insurance >>>

MUSTO Skiff On-line Survey

Here are the links to survey results:

2018 No survey

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