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Iver Ahlmann(GER) passing on the baton of Chairmanship to Andy Tarboton (RSA)

Iver Ahlmann – Outgoing Chairman
I have been chairman of class since 2010. Ever since I started, I have been extremely touched to be given the trust and support from the sailors over the years. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the great spirit that has been dominating the class in all of this time and has made chairmanship very honorable. Working with the international committee has always been fun and inspiring and has taught me many life lessons…

Now I feel like I should give another individual the opportunity to lead the class into the future. Now with three little kids, it seems like it is a good time to pass on the baton.

Since at this time of year there are no elections, with the consent of the int. committee I have delegated the chairmanship for the rest of the year to Andy Tarboton(RSA). At year end, as per usual, there will be the online survey where the election of the new chairman and other positions will be made, I understand Andy will put his name forward.

Andy is a very well-liked character, very experienced and a highly competitive sailor so we can be confident that he will do a very good job. Lets wish him all the success with the new role.

I will of course remain active in the class as time permits and hope to see you all on the circuit!

Paul Manning- Class secretary
I have been fortunate enough to be involved in our class for some time. Part of the enjoyment is the classes ethos of being friendly, helpful but competitive and it is a tribute to the leadership of the class that this has not only been maintained but has grown with the class. Without the support and direction of our class chairpersons the class wouldn't be where it is now!
Iver has become a great friend and along with Cathy, their parents and the expanding family have been a great asset to us.
So it's left to me not only thank him, but to recall a suitable story that's no too humiliating but sums up how enthusiastically he embraced the fleet... 

I can only apologise to Iver, as I have to whenever it is raised, for the lack of sleep he got on the first time we met. Foolishly, Iver agreed that sleeping in his car when there was snow on the ground wasn't as good an option as Hotel Chapman with Team MUSTO. Following the traditional curry and beer we all found somewhere to sleep and awoke fresh in the morning, but I thought it odd that Iver was no longer in the room. I also found it odd that when I tried opening the door it seemed not to open properly, no matter how vigorously I pushed and shut the door it simply wouldn't open until after a real hard push it finally opened and to my confusion Iver was lying on the floor looking up at me like he'd had too many beers! Apparently, he left the room as a couple of us were snoring, which I find hard to believe, but anyway, ever since then Iver has fully embraced the class and I'm sure you would all support me in wishing him and his family best wishes in whatever they do! 

Andy Tarboton – Delegated Chairman 
Iver has done a lot for the class for many years, and is leaving very big shoes to fill, but with my enthusiasm and love of the class and its members, I hope to continue to serve the class in years to come. We have a fantastic committee and an active membership who all give valuable input steering the class, so it is with confidence that I look forward to being able to support the class as best I can.

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