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Mast Update 20/04/2016

This update is to advise owners on the current thinking with regards to the mast. As you all know Ovington Boats, working hand-in-hand with the association are always looking to improve and develop the boat to maintain the MUSTO Skiffs position as the most accessible high-performance dinghy with a low cost of ownership. This update is additional to this one >>>

Before we get to the update it is just worth taking a moment to review the history and define terms.

The mast is manufactured in 3 sections by Selden as shown below with the Ovington part codes.

Up until recently (24 months ago) the join between the taper and mid mast was glued so the mast was supplied as a 2 piece mast; top mast and lower mast.

However; over time it became clear that the most common way sailors were breaking the mast was digging the mast in the seabed during an inverted capsize and snapping the taper.

This typically ment replacing the whole top mast(taper and mid mast) or paying a spar builder to remove and replace the taper.

Through consultation with Selden it was decided to stop gluing the join between the taper and mid mast to make the spar easier to service in the event of a taper failure.

This also had the benefit of making it easier to ship replacement parts around the world as the class has a significant world wide footprint.

Over recent months a couple of compression failures have been observed at the upper join on these new masts between the mid mast and the taper. Obviously when these two sections were glued they were stronger in compression and there was less compression on the collar where they join.

As a result of this Selden have gone back to providing a two part mast as before and all new boats from now are being supplied with 2 part masts with the mid mast and the taper glued as they were for the majority of boats.

If people with 3 part masts wish to glue their top join then they can do so without any issue with class rules as they are just bringing their boat in line with the current specification of a new boat. Bottom sleeves MUST NOT be bonded.

A guide to how to glue your mast has been prepared by Dan Hendersen who recently glued his mast.

Click this link for Dan's guide.

Note: 106 epoxy is an alternative adhesive.

Selden will honour the 2 year Warranty for masts that have been glued using epoxy. That is - either glued by Ovington or the owner of the mast.

This only applies to masts supplied with top dry sleeves. Bottom sleeves MUST NOT be bonded.



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