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Forums and Facebook Pages and Groups.

Currently we have:

- Class Forum with Regional Sections

- Internation Class Facebook Page :

- Regional Facebook Groups:

-------> AUS :

-------> GBR :

-------> GER/SUI/AUT :

These currently work well with the Facebook groups having a local membership and deal with local issues primarily dealing with local national events.

We use the International page in partnership with the forum to foster international discussion.

Note: 27% or our membership do not have a Facebook account.

For those not familiar with the difference between Facebook Pages and Groups have a read here:

Peoples habits change over time so ...

The committee has decided to set up an International Group to run alongside the forum to see which is preferred by the members.


In time we will see how both the International Group and Forum work alongside each other and maybe retire one of the platforms.

As ever these things are never simple; we are just moving with the times and having a test of the water ...

The Pros and Cons are detailed below:



  • Keeps members onsite
  • Members are there specifically to talk about Musto Skiff Sailing
  • Better categorisation of topics and posts
  • Easy to search for information and previous discussions
  • Can be read by people who are not part of the group
  • Participation does not require participation in a Social Network
  • More advanced features such as text formatting, private messaging, statuses
  • Signatures at the bottom of posts for non invasive promotion


  • Need to consciously login to the site to access the community
  • Learning curve if new to forums
  • More chance of a member having technical issues
  • Can be harder to get engagement initially
  • More members needed for a ‘buzzy’ atmosphere


  • Most people have an existing account
  • Many people will log in daily or at least weekly
  • Can be easier for initial engagement
  • ‘Known’ platform and most people know how to use it already
  • Quicker responses to posts
  • Apps for easy phone and tablet use
  • Instant notifications of posts and responses


  • Difficult to keep track of topics
  • Personal profile needed
  • Poor search functionality
  • Offsite and away from your content
  • Quick post turnover – easy for things to be missed
  • No automated access – members need to be approved or removed manually
  • Playing by Facebook’s rules, which can be changed any time
  • Competing with other Facebook ‘noise’
  • Members not necessarily in the right mindset








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