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Bow Sprit End Plug Testing

There have been suggestions that we change the end of the bow sprite fitting from the block to a end plug.

This arrangement is standard in the 49er, 29er, RS200 & RS400 and other classes.

This arrangement has the benefit that you can't get the tack line wrapped round the pole causing a problem when you launch the pole - if this has ever happened to you, you will know this is difficult to rectify and slow ...

Also - with the current set-up it is a class rules requirement that there is an end plug in for safety; you would not want to be hit with a pole with no end plug as it may take a core sample of you !!! Frequently we see people sailing with no end plug which is not good for safety.

Andy Tarboton has kindly agreed to do some testing and there is some feedback here:

The possible downside is slightly more friction on the tack line during hoist. As you can read Andy's testing indicates this is not a problem.

Andy's recommendation is that we design an end plug such that when the pole is trimmed back the the rear of the cut out for the block the extension of the spinnaker is identical giving no performance change between the two set ups and those who do make the change will not have the risk of getting the tack line wrapped.

Below is the test set up; this is just a new plug with a hole inserted in the end for testing.

Below shows the current and proposed solution with identical bearing points.

This will be covered in the class on-line survey in November.

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