Musto Skiff

NZL Sailing Season Starts with a Bang!

On the 23rd September at 4:30 pm there was a loud bang and a huge cloud of smoke as the 2ft long antique ships cannon was fired at Naval Point Club Lyttelton, declaring the season open.  

It was the best opening day for as long as most club members could remember, with a warm sunny day, 10-12 knots and an incoming tide yielding flat water, perfect Musto weather.  

There were 50 boats on the water with over 150 people sailing, it was a busy day.   A full start line for Division 8 - single handed boats, and I got off to a good start, with a good kite run on the first downwind, some rusty gybes, but upright is good at this point in the season.   I had left the Finn's for dead but the was a bit of a bang at the top mark and the luff went loose.  I thought buggar halyard has gone, bu looking up saw that the top eye had come our of the sail.  So it looks like my 2006 vintage sail has given up the ghost. 

So I sailed home then swapped to my race sail and made it out in time for the second race.  I wizzed around the course put on a good show for the other boats, only beaten by the foiling moth - damn those things are quick!

We also had a community open day at the club, where the general public could come down and check out the club facilities.  My Musto was rigged up with a few brochure to give away to interested people.  The most common question I was asked was "where is your crew", then a look of shock when I told them that it was a single person boat :)

The clocks have changed to summer time, so in two weeks time we will have Wednesday night Twilight racing again.  Great as it will give me 2 days sailing per week, good training for the Worlds coming up in the New Year on the "western island" (Australia).

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