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GBR EuroCup Leg 2, Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club, 26th - 27th August. 2017

Report by Stuart Keegan.

13 Mustos gathered at the fantastic venue of Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club. The buzz of the clubs 50th Birthday Regatta meant everybody was keen to set sail on the champagne waters of Derwent.  The fleet were well drilled from the nationals being the previous weekend and were all eager to experience the famous 'Moor-Ora' wind. For those that are unaware of this wind it is generated by the surrounding heather moorland warming through the day and creating a consistent breeze, hence it often been said that Derwent Reservoir is the UK's version of Lake Garda. 

Race 1

The wind settled at 10-12 knots. Dan Trotter  lead from the start and excelled in his home conditions. Stuart Keegan was chasing him around and trying not to let David 'Super-consistent Annan' slip through. 

Race 2
Dan Trotter shot of the line and lead from the start. Ian Trotter was trying to play catch-up all race and finished second. David 'Super-consistent Annan' again finished in the third spot. 

Race 3
Dan Trotter did his usual routeen and was quick off the line to lead the race the whole way around. Ian Trotter and David 'Super-consistent Annan had a tussle all race which resulted with Ian coming second and Mr Consistent in second. 

Evening entertainment.

The club held a hog roast and band. 
Dan still felt fresh so decided to go work a 12 hour night shift. 

During the evening  it came up in conversation what young Trotters secret was to going so quick. He responded that the water from the reservoir has been filtered for up to 15,000 years and the lack of intensive agriculture means that the water can be drunk straight from the reservoir. This means he only has to carry a empty bottle on-board and thus a significant weight saving.  In addition being a local lad and having spent time biking over the moors he knows which areas of the moor heat up faster which effects the areas of the reservoir which have the wind first. Dan then started to give more details on the micro climate and cloud formation at which point everybody was conveniently  distracted by the band. 

Day 2

The home boats arrived to true northern hospitality with their boats all prepped and bimpled by Steve Robson. This put them in a good mindset for the days racing. 

Race 4
Sunday started significantly cooler than Saturday. This means the wind was lighter due to the Moor-Ora not able to kick in. Dan Trotter did his usual routine followed by famous  Tom Conway. Ironically, on the start line Tom commented that he "hated these conditions" and he is now offering tips for any sailors in the heavier range of the Musto weight spectrum. 

Race 5
Stuart Keegan pulled of a text book port flyer and lead around the windward mark. Dan put his after burners and caught up on lap 2.  On the 2nd beat Dan tacked onto a header which meant Stu was able to pull through.  Ian Trotter continued to chase Dan and overtook him on the final leg, the rescue staff reported a comment from Ian "there's life in the old dog yet son". the new lad Kieren Graham joined put in a good performance and will be one to watch in the future. 

Race 6
In envy of his son Martin Keegan tried a port flyer which set his expectations high. Ian trotter rounded the windward mark first followed by Stu. Stu decided that his downwind was not quick enough so decided to go for a pint of Eau de Derwent (water of Derwent) on a gybe. This allowed the whole fleet to go past Stu with the odd smile coming from competitors as they passed. Getting the boat back up must have been thirsty work because Stu capsized again on the next gybe for another drink of the good stuff. Stu was now super charged and teared through the fleet to take second place. 

The next event for the Northerners is Dalgety Bay on 2nd and 3rd September. 

Full Results here:


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