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The MSCA are delighted to see our PY cut again … our class training is working ….

At the 2016 Dinghy Show the RYA announced a further 3 point cut to the MUSTO Skiff PY and the number is now 847.

A complete list of the new numbers has been published on the RYA website.

The PY is a statistical measure of the performances reported to the RYA through the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme..

If your club does not make returns please encourage them to do so via the above link.

The reduction of the number is recognition that the class sailors are gradually continuing to improve and this is credit to the sailors and the training programs the class runs that helps to lift the standard of the class.

10 years ago the class sailed off 875 and we have seen a steady reduction in the number as more and more sailors are learning to sail the boat to its full potential.

It is interesting to note that 10 years ago the MUSTO Skiff and B14 were both pegged at 875. We have held a number of joint open meetings and championships with the B14 over the years ... in that period the B14 has changed to carbon masts, carbon wings and continued sail development. The B14 number is now 872. In the same period the MUSTO Skiff has seen no equipment changes but the number has reduced 28 points.

Whilst this makes life tougher for the class to win a PY event it is recognition that through a great class culture of sharing of expertise the standard of the fleet continues to rise.

This has been achieved through training initiatives, a class instructional DVD from Richard and Kit Stenhouse and the nurturing of a general culture within the class that it is good to share your expertise with your fellow sailor.

So ... whilst most classes would be wringing their hands over a PY cut ... we celebrate it.

Congratulations to all the sailors who have continued to raise their game ...


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