Musto Skiff

MUSTO Skiff batten Tension by Mike Lennon (MD Hyde Sails)

Every thing has an ultimate strength and it is of course the manufacturers responsibility to ensure their products are strong enough to with stand the extreme abuse with in a known range of load.

Knowing what that is either comes from extensive testing in the lab or field, but often from experience also.

When we embarked on developing the MUSTO Skiff sails we did not foresee the huge loads now applied through the batten pockets, and as we strengthen one area to stop failure, the loads are passed on to the next weakest point.

The failures that occoured in the MUSTO Skiff have not come to light in any other class -- Some boats only get very light loads, but some that you would expect to be similar or greater still, have only had the odd incident. So what is going on in the MUSTO Skiff ?

Someone discovered batten tension appears to make the boat go faster -- When I am asked how much tension to use in a batten, I generally say just enough to remove the wrinkles. The MUSTO Skiff class is the most extreme in its batten set up than any other I am aware off -- I am interested to know the theory as to what is going on and why its faster ? But my more mundane concern is that the sail is simply not designed for this. Now we have strengthened the plastics used at both ends of the pocket, my concern is what is going on with the very high local loads in the sailcloth, and sewing along the seams and pocket.

I know that whilst its considered fast to load the pockets, warnings from the sailmaker not to over do it will go by the wayside. But the sail was not designed for this and if it were, we would have had reinforced the pockets and sail body locally.

We also think some are going way past the sweet point and it may be worth consulting with some fast sailors regarding the right tension before going for it !!

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