remember to check your mast over!

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remember to check your mast over!

Post by avendit »

I had long planned to replace the top half of my mast this season, but in doing so I found a couple of other problems that I wouldn't have otherwise noticed until failure early in the season, likely incurring additional costs and probably needing to use the rescue cover - something very unusual for a musto!

First spot was a soon-to-bust bit of mast track. Not a sail ender, but better sorted pre-season:

The second, and much more worrying, was the top of my shrouds where a couple of wires had given way. If I hadn't been dismounting my mast for other reasons I really doubt I would have noticed this!

I admit I probably capsize more than many, and the boat lives outside all year, up in Scotland. But I would describe my usage as regular rather than heavy.

Might be worth anyone with a mid 200's or older boat checking their shrouds over carefully. Luckily I managed to score a full replacement set at a slight discount from Chris on the FB group (Thanks Chris!)

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Re: remember to check your mast over!

Post by Rick »

What would be the reasonable life of the standing rigging?

I know keelboat insurance often requires the standing rigging to be replaced on a fixed schedule ...
Rick Perkins. GBR

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