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Location: Stuttgart


Postby Murphyhuebner » Wed Nov 22, 2006 9:29 am

Owner since Nov 2005: Michael Murphy (Inspector Gatchet) Huebner
Location Stuttgart Germany
Sail area: Max Eyth See Stuttgart (Web Cam: http://www.stuttgartersegelclub.de/sites/home/home.php5) or Lake Konstanz
club: http://www.seglergemeinschaft.de (we have a international judge: WilliiGo@gmx.net)
+49 160 8639487
build 2004
driven by Paul Clark at Lake Garda Gold Cup 2004
1. owner: Enriques Ferrante, Lake Como, Dongo ferrante.enriques@pleiade.it

speciality: red and green stickies on black Kite and MustoSkiff inside Van (http://www.mustoskiff.ch/fotos/2006/gem ... /index.htm)

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