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Postby Rick » Thu Nov 10, 2005 5:28 pm

If you want to sell your boat please don't post it here send the details to and I'll put it up on the main website.

All the boats that are for sale are here;

If you want to BUY a boat and can't find one - post in this section and perhaps someone will come to you ...

This section is a classifieds for the members, buy and sell stuff between sailors. Any overtly commercial ads will get deleted.

Please note:

Advertising of products and services which are in direct conflict with the sponsors of the class will not be permitted on this forum.

Whilst some discussion of conflicting products is/will be permitted overt promotion and advertising of products that conflict with those that are supplied by the class builder and sponsors will be moderated.

Without the support of class sponsors the class could not function as it does, or the class fees would have to increase dramatically.

The choice belongs to the members, respect our sponsors or expect to lose them ...

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