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GoPro Boom Mount

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:47 am
by JIH-US568
Since acquiring a skiff I have been looking for a simple way to mount a GoPro camera on the end of the boom. I came across a rubber clamp called QuickFist. There are clamps that fit the boom section very nicely.

The following link displays a photo of two QuickFist clamps attached to the boom and bolted to a 1" Schedule 40 PVC tube with a GoPro clip screwed to it. The light line at each end of the device are to capture the camera and provide a safety line to the boom eyes for the mainsheet. The 1" PVC hangs off the bottom of the boom and the camera is inverted.

I plan one further modification such that the nuts holding the 1" PVC to the QuickFist clamps are hidden within the 1" PVC and cannot scar the deck when the boom is lowered to the deck. The mount fastens to the boom in less than 30 seconds and because of the spacing between the QuickFist clamps and the boom, there is no interference with the clew strap. ... sp=sharing

The Quickfist clamps cost about $10 US and the PVC and other hardware cost about $3.

I should post some video from this on Sunday.

Re: GoPro Boom Mount

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:16 pm
by EdWilkinson
I had a more compact method using Stauff saddle clamps and hose clips. A key advantage is you don't need to duck any lower, but the clew strap still fits in the gap. Takes a few minutes to put it on each time though.