Proposed New Mainsail / Mast / Rig - Merged topic ...

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Re: Proposed New Mainsail / Mast / Rig - Merged topic ...

Postby DangerBoy » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:40 pm

GER443 wrote:
maky wrote:That is funny. Similar weight you say and yet 13 kg of a difference. And I didn't say it is all in rig, still there is a significant difference. Classic MS / RS 700 debate, again completely off topic.
How do I know fleet would be against update? Pure logic. Those who are on top and updating everything are in minority. But whatever, this is all going in completely wrong and usual MS vs RS direction, so I will finish my discussion here. I gave my input and that is it.

Maky, I appreciate your statement. I think the discussion shouldn't focus on comparisons to RS700 etc., instead we have to think about how to get more active sailors. I'm sailing the MS for 2 years now and my impression is, that active sailor numbers outside uk are slightly dropping. Even if the number of MS in the market rises the activity isn't doing the same. In this years events in Germany we typically had 2-8 participants and the eurocups outside uk were also low numbers. I love the MS but the low activity in training peer groups as in regattas is sad - especially for newbies.
I have 3 thoughts about the new sailplan:
a) if there would be a new mast/sail and the use of old and new rig would both be allowed in events, I wouldn't mind if the top20 (most of them update frequently anyway) had the new rig. In the second half of the fleet things are more about boat handling, strategy, capsize avoidance and improving starting.
b) i think if we want to grow we shouldn't question class members only but question a wider number of potential sailors in classes that might lead to a MS (Laser, 29er, 49er, Int14, ...). The point of view of potential MS newbies might be very differnt to ours.
c) i would love to have a test setup at one of the major events as soon as possible. sailing might show us the way faster than discussions.

Tim GER443

Tim, why do you think the German fleet isn’t growing? Is it the rig or is it the enthusiasm of the fleet and having people really encouraging others?

One of the things the UK fleet does is support and train and mentor people in the boat to try and improve everybody. You’ve the last 2 class world champions in your local fleet now so why arguably you should be on a high.

One thing that no body has clearly ever been able to tell me is why the think the rig is outdated. The sails themselves are competitively priced here in the UK compared to other classes. The shape and controllability seem to work for people between 70 and 90 kg competitively, even wider at the ends of the wind spectrum.

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Re: Proposed New Mainsail / Mast / Rig - Merged topic ...

Postby Esho » Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:57 am

Just to add my 2 cents
I just come off a F18 and they are all going Deck sweepers Less at the top more at the bottom
Im not sure if that is relevant here with a Musto but having less sail at the top gave them more up wind speed and height. As the Musto is already a weapon down wind having a square top main would affect the speed and height.
The square top main does look cool tho.
Just my thoughts

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