Grafham inlands

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Grafham inlands

Postby chriswrightlaser » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:33 pm

Grafham Ovington musto inlands is just around the corner, I have just spoken to the office to ask if people who want to leave their boat their AFTER the inlands can do so if they pay winter membership @ £70 till the end of March, their will be a reduced fee for the grand prix as well, reduced to £7 entrance fee.
Winter menbership with W/L club racing anyone?


  I have asked the question if we can copy the D Zero fleet with their inlands in September, they invited visitor's to pay £10 to join in the racing the week before and leaving your musto at the club for next week instead of the usuall £15 day sailing fee.

  If there is interest in people going to grafham the week before then training could be planned next year but its a bit cold for training, this year some boats will on the way to the worlds this year? 

  I would be interesting  in trying to do this pre and post sailing days at venues for 2018, Stokes Bay the week before and after if boat space is available, Stone?  Castlecove pre nationals?


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Re: Grafham inlands

Postby chriswrightlaser » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:59 pm

Autumn morning series Sunday 6
th August to 29th October
Except 24th September (DoE). (Barts Bash 17th September will be raced in the afternoon)
17 aug2017 page 1 of 7
Grafham Water Sailing Club SSI – Sunday autumn am Series v1
Changes highlighted in yellow
5. Schedule of Races:
5.1 Starts will be at two-minute intervals (see S.S.I.11 and Appendix 2a). This changes RRS Rule 26 -
Starting Races. The order, composition and start times are:
Signal, Race
Signal, Race 2
Start 1 Flying Fifteen (FF15) 10:55
with Race 1
Start 2 Laser 10:57
Start 3 multihull boats and All-
comers handicap fast
(1000 or lower)
Start 4 Asymmetric mono hull
Start 5 D-Zero and All-comers
slow handicap (1001 or
5.2 Race Officers may reduce the number of starts when warranted by weather and or the number of
5.2.1 A reduction to three starts shall be indicated by the display of three Club pennants one over the other
together with the orange flag. Starts will be at two minute intervals. The order and composition of
starts are as follows:
Start 1 All mono hull asymmetric boats plus Fast club Handicap 1000 and below
Start 2 Slow Two-handed club Handicap 1001 and above
Start 3 Slow Single-handed club Handicap 1001 and above
5.2.2 A change to one start shall be indicated by the display of one Club pennant together with the orange
flag. All boats will start on the display of numeral board 5.
8. Course and Course Instructions
8.1 The Race Committee boat will be stationed upwind of the leeward mark. It will remain in this position for
the duration of the race.
8.2 Indicator boards will show the initial letters of course marks. ‘Special’ or temporary course marks are
shown as a white disc. The background colour of the boards indicates whether marks are to be left to
port (red) or starboard (green).
8.3 On all courses, the Windward Mark shall be left to port.
8.4 Boats which fail to start or finish correctly or to sail the course as set and thus fail to comply with RRS28
may be disqualified without protest or a hearing.
8.5 Boats shall sail the course displayed on the committee boat - see appendix 1 and 3.
8.6 Flying 15, Laser and D Zero classes shall sail the course on the Port side of the committee boat.
8.6.1 The symbol ‘TS’, displayed with 3 course boards on the Port side of the Committee boat, indicates that
a Triangle/sausage shaped course is to be sailed. An alternative ‘ST’ displayed will signify a
sausage/triangle course. See Appendix 1 for order of rounding marks.
8.6.2 Boats must pass through the upwind gate formed by the committee boat and the finishing mark on
each and every lap. Boats that fail to pass through the upwind gate will not be disqualified but will be

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Re: Grafham inlands

Postby chriswrightlaser » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:49 am

Stokes Bay Sailing Club have put on training the week before their open supported by class in the past if they can get ten people to confirm, entrance is a first come basis, the boats should be back from the worlds by their open. The same could work for Rutland if people ask for training and space to leave your boat the week before the open early in the year, just need to think of other places it would work well for next year.
Rutland used to be good for over the winter training with a small fleet but times have changed now, the RS 700 used to go to Grafham and they got some good fleet racing over the winter. Datchet and Stokes Bay are good for fleets over the winter as well.
Carsington has a small fleet now but its very cold over the winter as so high up, Saturday night at the inlands would be a good place to see where boat could go over the winter, my daughter is in in Oxford now so opens up more options including Stokes bay and Datchet and Oxford sailing club as well. The 70 pounds is cheap for winter membership at Grafham and as normal it fuel that adds up the main cost of going.
As Jay said on his facebook video at the nationals that there are a lot of us that need to practice on the waves now, as a lot of boats will be going on the container the winter turnouts might be a bit lower this year?

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