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Re: future events

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:52 am
by paul manning
Let's talk further at the Stone open :D

Re: future events

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:30 pm
by olisouth
Rick wrote:
olisouth wrote:
Cheers Rick, sync'd up, personally still think its worth the 10 minutes loading events into the FB page to make sure all bases are covered, "build it and they will come", but thats my opinion. :D

cheers again

The challenge is there are so many different ways of doing things you can never cover all the bases. Also - what sounds like a 10 minute job is never that ...

Maintenance is also an issue; Google is the master; if an event then gets loaded to FB and then there is a change it then has to be updated in 2 places.

For instance we know that only 73% of Musto Skiff sailors have Facebook accounts so you instantly ignore 27% of your population if you follow that route.

why ignore any of them at all? always found people prefer to switch off one news item than be forced into one they don't use or like at all. Do we know the uptake of the google calendar?

We will look to see if there is a way to upload a Google schedule to Facebook. If the FB page events can be auto sync'ed to the Google schedule that may be an option.

have you looked at zapier? ... -calendar/

The other point to consider is Facebook overload ... if you put too much stuff on their people end up hiding you ... it is a balancing act ...

agreed but unless someone is only on facebook for the musto news feed i doubt anyone would have feed overload, even if they do its a simple push of a button to change how their personal feed behaves, even the most cynical of facebook users can handle that :wink: .

Perhaps the UK need their own Facebook group as this perhaps would overload the fan page which is international in focus ...

we always had a page for news feed and a private group for the club, which works well, maybe worth setting up? events can also be created in a group and they behave in the same manner so anyone in the group could edit that info, one to think about

Also worthy of consideration is possible damage; if an open does not get social momentum then people may decide not to go as it looks like no-one is going when it actually turns out that everyone is going but they just don't have the time or inclination to say so on Facebook...

double edge sword totally, but we already have the windguru effect to handle which claims far more in lost turnout at club level than i ever thought it would. if an event doesn't get moving and chatted about then perhaps its worth knocking it on the head earlier and informing the club so that both the class and the club don't suffer a loss of revenue/face?

this is worth more of a chat at stone...

all the best


Re: future events

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:30 pm
by bristollad
sorry just read my reply to rick sounds a little aggressive sorry didn't mean to sound like that.
anyway as i was saying i would be up for advertising the events two weeks leading up to the actual event i just feel we are not pushing enough and not everyone see the google calendar for one reason or another i mean its 3 days to go until stone and the only thing i have really seen is the event listed in the event section of this site and thats because i had to look for it
i am not up for having the whole association done over Facebook as the moths pretty much do this and i do not think it works but what they do is advertise events same as various other classes over Facebook and also advertise it on their home page just like we do for a international event i think we need to take the same tack tick on uk events ,we go to some great places and have fecking good racing at these venues so would be awesome to try and entice more sailors and give them no reason to say they forgot about the event even if it attracted one more boat thats a bonus aint it?

Re: future events

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:53 pm
by Rick
bristollad wrote: anyway as i was saying i would be up for advertising the events two weeks leading up to the actual event

I will publish anything you provide; within reason :wink:

If you send me a short event preview and the NoR before each open I am happy to publish that; all I am saying is the contents needs t come from the GBR committee or their delegate and it sounds like you volunteering so that is great :D