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This is the website for International Musto Performance Skiff
Class Association.

This is the owners membership organisation for all MPS owners world
wide and we hope
you will support your class through joining (note: AUS, GER &
SUI nationals should join their
local association)

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Bids to host the 8th World Championships in 2017 Please note that the below process was cancelled following objection from Max Döhler representing the German Class Assocation; the German class are only willing to support one bid that has been voted for by their members. The international committee accepted this stance and the below voting processes has now been revised. Read more >>>

ACO 6th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Fraglia Vela Riva (Lake Garda, Italy) - ENTRY IS OPEN Please, if you are planning to sail enter ASAP. The sooner we know the number of enries the better the event will be. Help us to make the event fantastic by getting your entry in now. ENTRY DETAILS >>>

2015 UK Series kicks off this weekend…. Now the sun has started to shine at last it’s time for some Musto racing! This weekend sees the first event of the 2015 UK Calendar at Rutland Sailing Club. We’re pairing up with the 49ers, B14’s, Cherubs and RS800’s so it should be a good fleet on the water and atmosphere in the bar. The NOR can be found here: Read more >>>

Bids to host the 8th World Championships in 2017 As you would expect the committee works a long way ahead with regards to planning the future world championships. The next World Championships which will be hosted by Fraglia Vela Riva in Lake Garda (Italy) and is followed by Yacht Club de Carnac (Quiberon Bay, FRA) in 2016. These events at iconic locations are set to continue the excellent run of regattas the class has enjoyed but we have to keep planning beyond that to book early to ensure we are able to keep enjoying fantastic locations. More >>>

The Musto Performance Skiff class has a packed programme of international regattas to 2017 and further. The Musto Performance Skiff class has a packed programme of international regattas to 2017 and further. This season started with ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club (Perth, Australia) which saw Jon Newman, the first Australian, take the title. Read more >>>

ACO 6th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Fraglia Vela Riva (Lake Garda, Italy) The Organising Authority is Fraglia Vela Riva in conjunction with the International Musto Performance Skiff Class Association, the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Location: Fraglia Vela is situated in Riva Del Garda, located in Riva, which is in the North West corner of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. The town of Riva is particularly attractive and has a wide range of shops, bars and interesting restaurants. For non-sailing friends there’s a lot to do on holiday including mountain biking, windsurfing hill climbing, canyoning, beach activities (pebbly), canoing etc. The majority of which are all available within a short walk of the town centre.
Read the full introduction >>>

The French EuroCup event 2015 is on tracks! We would be so happy to have an international fleet of MPS sailors right there at Lac du Der as every year! It hasn't changed: it's still a great resting place for families and as enjoyable than previous years for sailors. The event is now a big one with not less than 74 skiffs last year attending on one start line. Coaching have always been part of the concept between thursday and saturday morning, and several GBR MPS performers have often been part of the coaching team. Guess it will be the case this year... Central location for all the European skiff sailors wanting to have true international skiff racing and the real good atmosphere it create. So, let's talk about planing the thing: Read more >>>

Spanish EuroCup The Club Nautic Arenys de Mar, in the province of Barcelona, will be the hosting the Spanish EuroCup round for the first time. The regatta will be held over the weekend 30th - 31st May with the growing local mainland fleets and boats travelling from Palma de Mallorca and Malaga welcoming all visitors to some sunny Mediterranean skiff sailing.
For more information, please visit see >>>

Musto Skiff Mini Series 2015 (ESP) 2015 promises to be a very interesting and exciting year for the Mallorca Musto skiff fleet. With the world championships due to be held in Lake Garda, Italy in September, the fleet sailors are planning many racing and training events through the next 8 months to improve their level. This includes the local race series, various club regattas, training weekends in Barcelona and Minorca and of coarse the euro cup. The fleet is also always on the lookout for other keen sailors to join in the fun! Read more >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club :Day 5 Report - Final Standings Today it was the last day of the World Championships. We already had a winner, so “It was on” for the rest of the top 10. Our prediction of changes was wrong, the regatta had already shown us the best sailors on the top. Marcus and Thor kept their second and third position and will be together with Jon Newman on the stage. Report >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club :Day 4 Report Today it was it was big Thursday. Jon Newman got 3 first and is already World Champion with 2 races to go. In the top ten it is still extremely excited!! Between number 2 and number 7 there’s only 13 points difference. So another big day to go. Today is also the ACO sponsor day. ACO invited customers to come over, to have a look at our sailors and sail by themselves as well. I saw them on the water and their having great fun. Report >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club :Day 3 Report Big Wednesday, was not as big as promised. You better call it Weak Wednesday. What suposed to be a big day of wind, was a big day of waiting, wind shifting, course changes and a lot marks where pulled up and down. A big day for Jon Newman as well, he finished two times in the first position and is confirming his grip on the title. Report >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club :Day 2 Report The second day started with discussions about the weather. There were 2 forecast, one said it’s going to blow like a normal sea breeze, the other said it wasn’t. In the end of the day, both were right. It started with a +20 knots race, then a 9 knots race and then about 15 knots rising to 20 in the end. So a good day for the allround sailors. Ian Renilson from the UK seems to be a good all-rounder, he improved from 10th place to 2nd overall. Jon Newman from Australia is still in the front and Paul Dijkstra from the Netherlands has confirmed his 3th place. Report >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club :Day 1 Report Flat water like promised, not the big winds as some feared but still wind. Good conditions for the sailors to start the Worlds. All boats were able to compete and have fun. The wind was a bit shifty and around 8 to 12 knots. The brothers Newman did a pretty good job and ended as first and second overall. With 5 boats from Australia and 5 from overseas in the top 10, it’s going to be interesting for the rest of the week. The day started with almost no wind and about 40 (degrees) so really hot. The race committee decided to put up AP for a while, waiting for the sea breeze to come in. Liters of water went into the sailors, as they were sweating while doing nothing.
Report >>>

Australian Nationals 2015 - Jon Newman Australian Champion again! The day that started with no wind and ended with loads of wind. This was the last day of the Australian Nationals. Current Australian Champion Jon Newman is the winner again. A good job done by the race committee today. The race committee decided to sail on Melville Water West, because the World Championship will be held there as well. So it started with a chill-out session on shore. Waiting for the Tornados to finish their racing and waiting for the sea breeze coming in. So a good moment for the sailors to fix or clean their boats and discuss tactics. Read more >>>

Spannish Fleet Development into 2015 (ESP) During 2014 the Spanish Musto Skiff fleet has grown in number of boats and clubs. Before this year the only fleet of Musto Skiffs in Spain owned by sailors was that of Club Nàutic Arenal in Majorca. Owing to the enthusiasm and effort of Justo Martínez the fleet from Arenal is currently the largest one in Spain with eight boats. However, the situation in the peninsular Spain before 2014 was quite different with just a few isolated boats, most of them not actively sailed or simply abandoned. A stroke of serendipity made that two boats arrived almost simultaneously to Arenys de Mar (20 nm NE of Barcelona) during the first months of 2014. read more >>>

First day of the Australian Nationals 2015 Fantastic weather, flat water and wind building up during the day. That where the ingredients for a fantastic first day out on the water. There were a lot capsizes but also a lot of flying downwind moments for the guys. Today was the first day of the Australian Nationals, the warm up for the Worlds starting on Monday. You could say it’s a training for the guys, but they we’re all very serious about it. It was a good day starting with about 15 knots of wind and the wind was building up to about 20 knots gusting 25 sometimes. Read more >>>

ACO 5th Musto Performance Skiff Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club 2-9 January 2015 - Preview Exhilarating kite rides and furious tactical racing will be the highlight of the Musto Skiff Worlds this January at Mounts Bay Sailing Club. The growing local fleet that drive these exciting skiffs in Western Australia are being joined by another thirty plus sailors who are making the big jump across the oceans and the continent to enjoy the great flat water sailing and weather on the Swan River. The weather for the next week is looking promising. Read more >>>




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